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Jack Dent, a seasoned professional with a rich background in the multimedia and digital industries, is the visionary founder behind Bryter Digital, which he established in 2013.

With a long career rooted in London's dynamic agency scene, Jack expertly navigates customer relations, project management, and new business development at Bryter Digital. His extensive experience and strategic insight ensure that clients receive comprehensive digital solutions tailored to their needs. Jack also lends his expertise to front-end design projects, enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of our offerings. Additionally, he is our go-to expert in e-learning content development, delivering innovative and engaging educational materials.

Outside of Bryter Digital, Jack is deeply involved in his community as an active member of Canterbury BID. He is also an accomplished photographer, with his work exhibited and published, and he has a passion for collecting vinyl records. Jack's love for Smooth Fox Terriers reflects his appreciation for unique and spirited companions. Furthermore, he is the owner of Platform shop in Canterbury, where his creative and entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive.

Jack's diverse interests and talents make him an inspiring leader and a driving force behind Bryter Digital's success.

Fun Fact
Jack's journey in the creative sector began in the early '90s when he ran the Vic Reeves Big Night Out Fan Club. He was recently approached by some former members to join them in their podcast which you can listen to here.