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About Emma
Emma Davis is a seasoned senior developer with a unique academic background and a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology. With a degree in Biochemistry and a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham, Emma brings a multidisciplinary approach to software development, combining scientific precision with technical expertise.

Skills & Expertise
Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript, Python
Frameworks & Libraries: React, .NET
Databases: MySQL, MSSQL
Tools & Technologies: Azure, Docker, Git
Specialties: Full-stack development, cloud computing, databases

Journey & Achievements
Emma's journey from biochemistry to software development is a testament to her versatility and commitment to lifelong learning. After earning her degree in Biochemistry, Emma realised her passion for solving complex problems with technology and pursued a Master's in Computer Science. With over 15 years of industry experience, Emma has led numerous high-impact projects. One notable achievement was spearheading the development of a cloud-based Energy Performance calculator, which incorporates many different technologies and links with government databases. Emma's ability to bridge the gap between science and technology makes her a vital member of our team.

Personal Interests
Outside of work, Emma is an ultra runner, cyclist, and dedicated dog walker. She has completed several ultramarathons and enjoys the challenge and discipline that long-distance running brings. Emma also loves cycling through scenic routes and exploring new trails with her dog Tigger. These activities keep her energised and provide a perfect balance to her professional life.

Fun Fact
Last year Emma completed a 103 mile non stop ultra marathon across the North Downs Way, demonstrating not only her physical endurance but also her determination and resilience—qualities that she brings to her work every day.