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At Bryter Digital, Bertie is our go-to expert for developing high-specification mobile apps using React Native, and web apps with React. His prowess in cross-platform software development using Electron and Node.js makes him a pivotal part of our development team. As the driving force behind our acclaimed Hornby HM applications, Bertie’s technical skills and innovative approach set a high standard in our projects.

UI/UX Design Advocate
Beyond his development skills, Bertie plays a significant role in Bryter Digital’s UI and UX designs. He ensures our designs are not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly. Bertie’s keen eye for design and attention to detail guarantee that every project we deliver meets our high standards of excellence.

A Continuous Learner
Bertie’s journey into development is a testament to his dedication and passion for technology. Self-taught since the age of 15, he has been honing his skills for a decade. Always eager to learn, Bertie keeps up with the latest technologies, ensuring Bryter Digital remains at the cutting edge of the industry. His initial foray into developing private-use automation software showcases his ingenuity—successfully purchasing thousands of pairs of limited-release sneakers and streetwear.

Life Outside the Screen
When he’s not immersed in code or design, you’ll find Bertie in the gym, maintaining his fitness, or out socialising with friends. His balanced lifestyle and dynamic personality make him not just a brilliant developer but also a valued member of the Bryter Digital family.