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Hornby TrackBuilder: A Revolutionary Add-On for Model Railway Enthusiasts

At Bryter Digital, we continuously push the boundaries of innovative digital solutions, and our Trackbuilder project exemplifies this commitment. This advanced add-on for the HM apps is tailored for model railway enthusiasts, enabling the creation of detailed railway layout plans with ease and precision.

Trackbuilder provides model railway planners with a comprehensive Hornby track library, enabling users to design intricate layouts. Users can save, edit, print, and export plans, ensuring flexibility and convenience. The tool also generates detailed parts lists, aiding in accurate planning. To inspire users, Trackbuilder comes pre-loaded with several popular Hornby layouts.

Developed using React.js, Trackbuilder is fast, responsive, and user-friendly. The use of WebGL & three.js ensures complex 3D graphics, allowing detailed and visually appealing layout visualisation.

Trackbuilder enhances creativity by enabling users to bring their imaginative layouts to life. It streamlines the layout planning process and ensures precise planning with automatic parts list generation. The pre-loaded layouts provide a head start for both beginners and experienced users.

Trackbuilder is a significant advancement for model railway enthusiasts, combining a comprehensive track library with powerful planning and visualisation features. Developed with React.js, WebGL & three.js, Trackbuilder reflects Bryter Digital’s dedication to innovation and user satisfaction.