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Enhancing the Hornby HM Apps with a Powerful Web Portal

At Bryter Digital, we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions that enhance user experience and streamline management processes. Our latest achievement is the development and upgrade of the powerful web portal underpinning the Hornby HM apps.

The custom-built web portal is a cornerstone of the Hornby HM apps, powering both applications seamlessly. It serves sound profiles, track plans, and provides an API to the main Hornby site for user profiles, ensuring smooth integration and functionality.

Recently, we have enhanced the portal with an expo server, allowing for meticulous micro-management of updates and app publishing. This upgrade ensures that both our developers and Hornby admins can efficiently manage live and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) content, maintaining high standards of performance and reliability.

The portal is developed using robust PHP frameworks, offering a stable and scalable foundation. It features an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) and a user-friendly interface, facilitating easy management of content and system updates.

This powerful web portal significantly improves the efficiency of managing the Hornby HM apps. The intuitive interface and comprehensive CMS empower developers and admins to handle content seamlessly, ensuring that users enjoy a consistently high-quality experience.

Our custom-built web portal exemplifies Bryter Digital’s commitment to technological excellence and user-centric design. With its recent upgrades, it stands as a testament to our ability to deliver sophisticated solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and their users.