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FDIS Education

E-learning portal for the Fire Door Inspection Scheme

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme, launched in 2012, is Europe’s first such scheme. The FDIS aims to transform people’s knowledge about how and why fire doors work and the potential dangers of getting it wrong. In doing so, FDIS provides a comprehensive online education programme, consisting of self-learning modules with a final exam in an independent test centre. To date, over 5000 people have signed up to study online.

Bryter Digital had developed and maintained the original education site, but it was decided that the website needed a complete rebuild, in order to facilitate FDIS expanding their test centre network into a global offering. 

The project, which included a front end redesign along with the education site rebuild, was recently completed and includes:

  • Custom WordPress front end
  • Fully manageable education environment
  • Complete online learning suite, including Q&A self tests
  • API with Pearson Vue test centres allowing worldwide exam booking and delivery
  • Find an Inspector mapping tool 

“Bryter undertook a comprehensive upgrading of our E Learning site. Their work has enabled FDIS to offer its online Diploma outside of the UK, and simplified and improved the user experience. As part of their brief, they worked closely with FDIS staff to deliver an excellent product that exceeds our expectations.”