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Bryter Digital Propels Jim Moir’s Gallery Opening to Remarkable Success

Showcasing Jim Moir’s artistry with style.


Thrilled to continue our longstanding partnership with renowned artist Jim Moir, Bryter Digital helped orchestrate a memorable event: the grand opening of his gallery. This exclusive affair, tailored for select invitees, showcased Moir’s exceptional artworks and offered art enthusiasts a unique opportunity to engage directly with the acclaimed artist. Through our innovative marketing strategies, both offline and online, we ensured the Gallery Opening Day surpassed all expectations, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and online audiences.

Event Coverage and Social Media Amplification

Taking the lead in promoting Jim Moir’s Gallery Opening Day, we leveraged our expertise in content creation and social media management. Crafting captivating videos and visually striking visuals, we curated compelling content resonating with Moir’s audience across digital platforms. Amplifying the event’s reach through Moir’s website and social media handles, we generated buzz and anticipation for the exclusive event.

Multifaceted Marketing Approach

Beyond crafting promotional materials, we provided comprehensive on-site coverage, capturing every moment through stunning photography and videography. This approach not only documented the event but also served as invaluable marketing collateral, showcasing the essence and excitement of Jim Moir’s Gallery Opening Day.

Digital Inclusivity and Engagement

Recognising the importance of inclusivity in the digital landscape, we orchestrated a parallel digital event. Through targeted campaigns and exclusive promo codes for online purchases, we ensured art enthusiasts nationwide could partake in the celebration. Jim Moir’s interactive Q&A session on Instagram added a personal touch, amplifying engagement across social media platforms.

Exceptional Results and Client Satisfaction

Delighted to report our ongoing collaboration with Jim resulted in resounding success. Exceeding expectations in attendance and online engagement, the Gallery Opening Day witnessed a significant surge in web sales. These exceptional results demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategies and underscore our commitment to delivering tangible outcomes for our ongoing partner.


Proud of our ongoing partnership with Jim Moir, Bryter Digital reaffirms its position as a leader in driving impactful results through innovative digital solutions. As we continue to push boundaries, we remain dedicated to empowering our partner and achieving meaningful results that elevate their brand presence and objectives.