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Nitin Ganatra’s Artistic Journey Shines at British Asian Trust Winter Drinks

Showcasing Nitin Ganatra’s artistry at The Connaught Hotel


Our client, Nitin Ganatra, is on an inspiring journey to become an artist. For the past few years, Bryter Digital has supported his growth by developing a tailored social media presence and managing his website where he sells his artwork. As an ambassador for The British Asian Trust, Nitin recently had the opportunity to showcase his talent at the annual British Asian Trust Winter Drinks held on Wednesday, 22 November, at The Connaught Hotel.

Event Preparation and Collaboration

Nitin has been vocal about his passion for art, and the Trust graciously provided him with the opportunity to dedicate a portion of the evening to exhibit his work, including the unveiling of his latest masterpiece, “Ganesh.” Without hesitation, Nitin involved the Bryter Digital team, coordinating with the event organisers to ensure a seamless execution of his exhibit.

Behind the Scenes

As the event approached, our team worked diligently behind the scenes to help Nitin set up his exhibit. We meticulously prepared the space, ensuring that the “Ganesh” painting was hidden and ready for its grand unveiling later that evening. Harry, our creative lead who manages Nitin’s social media, captured the essence of the event with his trusty Canon R7, shooting b-roll footage and photographs throughout the night.

The Unveiling

Nitin took centre stage to share his creative journey as both an actor and artist, delivering a heartfelt speech that resonated with the audience. He spoke about his inspirations, challenges, and the evolution of his art, culminating in the grand reveal of his latest masterpiece, “Ganesh.” The audience responded with enthusiastic applause, marking a significant milestone in Nitin’s artistic career.

Successful Engagement

The event was a tremendous success, with many attendees engaging with Nitin about his art. Conversations flowed, and connections were made with several high-profile individuals, expanding Nitin’s network and potential opportunities. The positive response from the audience was a testament to Nitin’s talent and the impact of his artwork.

Post-Event Impact

Following the event, Harry utilised the footage and images to create captivating social media content. The posts generated significant engagement, increasing Nitin’s visibility and reach. Additionally, we released a print of the “Ganesh” painting, which drove traffic and sales to Nitin’s website, further solidifying his presence in the art world.

Client Satisfaction and Future Endeavours

Nitin expressed his gratitude for the support and expertise provided by Bryter Digital, acknowledging the crucial role we played in making the event a success. Our ongoing collaboration with Nitin is a testament to our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals and realise their creative visions.


The British Asian Trust Winter Drinks event was a memorable evening that highlighted Nitin Ganatra’s artistic journey and showcased his incredible talent. At Bryter Digital, we are proud to support Nitin as he continues to evolve as an artist. We look forward to many more successful collaborations and are excited to see where his artistic journey takes him next.