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HM7000 Wins ‘Best Innovation of the Year’ at GETS Show

Innovation recognised: HM7000 wins at Hornby Magazine Awards!

We are delighted to announce that the HM7000 Bluetooth Digital Control application, developed in collaboration with Hornby Hobbies, has won the ‘Best Innovation of the Year’ award at the recent GETS Show’s Hornby Magazine Awards Ceremony. This esteemed accolade highlights the advanced technology and user-friendly experience provided by the HM | DCC application, crafted by Bryter Digital.

Our pioneering solution enables model railway enthusiasts to effortlessly control their setups via Bluetooth, offering unmatched precision and flexibility. This award is a testament to the dedication and innovation of both the Bryter Digital and Hornby Hobbies teams. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Hornby Hobbies for their partnership and to the entire Bryter team for their relentless pursuit of excellence.

George Waller, Product Development Engineer at Hornby, shared his excitement: “Hornby Hobbies at the recent GETS show won an award for ‘Best Innovation of the Year’ for Hornby Bluetooth Digital Control. Of course, Bryter have had a huge influence in this innovation, so a big congratulations to Bryter and everyone involved!”

About HM7000

The HM7000 system revolutionises traditional model railway control by integrating Bluetooth technology, providing a modern, efficient, and intuitive experience. Users can manage their trains via smartphones or tablets, ensuring seamless operation.

For more details on the HM7000, visit the Hornby Hobbies website.

Recognition and Future Endeavours

Winning this award not only validates our innovative approach but also motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of digital control systems. We are committed to developing more groundbreaking solutions and maintaining our reputation for excellence in the digital technology sector.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Bryter Digital as we continue to innovate and lead in digital solutions.

For a complete list of winners at the Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards 2023, visit Key Model World.

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